• Image of E.L. Heath - Winter Soundtrack (Remastered) 5" Pitch Black CD in Hand-Stamped Sleeve (pw003)

Originally released by Records on Ribs in 2008 via the Creative Commons License, 'Winter Soundtrack' actually harks back to the bleak winter of 2006/2007, recorded often by night on an antiquated computer and the dubious influence of crimson lighting. The malignance of this winter landscape found form in these sparse, melancholic and minimal recordings.

6 years on 'Winter Soundtrack' is now re-released through Plenty Wenlock on pitch-black 5" CD, housed in a handcrafted paper sleeve and hand-stamped with new artwork by Victoria Clinton. The album has also been fully re-mixed by Eric Loveland Heath and completely remastered by Mike Rowley.

Each hand-numbered copy of the album contains new liner notes on the album by Eric Loveland Heath. All are made to order and will be dispatched shortly after your order has been placed, commencing 3rd March.

Records on Ribs will continue to host the free/donation digital download of the album at:


Track List:

1. Concerto (4.09)

2. Fireflies (2.16)

3. A Cold Day In Spring (4.37)

4. Awake All Night (3.13)

5. Electric Storm (4.26)

6. When It Gets Dark Outside I
Tend To Go And Play Inside (2.17)

7. Chords (1.49)

8. Inertia (2.44)

9. Non-Romantic Melancholic
Waltz (3.51)

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