• Image of Ross Baker - Clouds in the Shape of Clouds 3" CD Single (pw004)

Ross Baker has been creating music since the mid nineties, on his own under various monikers (Second Thought, Obliquity) and with others (Jesse Conner, Captain Busby, Sturmazdle). Plenty Wenlock are proud to be releasing this, his latest and perhaps final, collection under his own name.

As a whole, the three tracks collected here could be taken as a sonic paean to the passing of Summer through to Winter, beginning with pastoral, clockwork chimes, moving through echoing, nostalgic reveries and culminating in chilly, brooding electronics.

Musically, the cyclical acoustics of title track 'Clouds In The Shape Of Clouds' bring to mind The Early Years, Pullman and My Autumn Empire, whereas B-side 'Oxgodby' recalls in it's wistful tones, the work of Sarah Records artist Blueboy or even ambient pastoralist Virginia Astley. The remix of 'A Time After Computers' which finishes things off, could almost be Avrocar, in the corner of a field, caught in a late Autumn shower...

Track List:

1. Clouds in the Shape of Clouds (3.05)
2. Oxgodby (2.14)
3. A Time After Computers (Remixed by cubus) (7.19)

Limited to 30 copies.